- For those ready to step into their power with their food, body, and health -

Heal Your Relationship with Food

and End Self Sabotage ...

to Finally Step Into Your Power with Your Health


"I tried a million different things before... This was literally LIFE CHANGING."

-Kathleen, Michigan

"Holy Moly! I woke up this morning with a sense of inner peace that I have never experienced before. This is changing the story of my life."

-Sara, Norway

The greatest thing that holds people back from achieving the health they desire, is the approach that they are taking.

The diet industry has led us to believe that the path to health is about food tracking and restriction. This leaves people feeling disempowered and more confused than ever about why they go through cycles of motivation then lose all control with their food.

Mastering Mindfulness is an unparalleled program that reveals the root of why:

  1. health has felt like a daily battle,

  2. you've been getting in your own way,

  3. and haven’t been able to trust yourself with food ...

and empowers you to reclaim your health from a place of confidence and self trust.

It's so much more than just a class... it's a transformational experience.

The Mastering Mindfulness™️ Methodology

The Mastering Mindfulness™️ Methodology, is a pioneering approach that redefines wellness.

This isn't just another health trend; it's a rebellion against the narrow focus of conventional diets, which obsess over calories and restriction.

This methodology brings you into a closer relationship with your mind, body, food, environment, and the very core of your soul to make the health journey a harmonious experience.

Laying the Foundation:

Most people struggle with changing their health because they are using the old, out-dated dieting model. Getting new results requires a shift away from an old dieting model and toward a way of being that creates empowerment.

In this section we cover:

  • Why diets haven't worked + what does work

  • Getting clear on the life you desire

  • Creating motivation that lasts

  • Cultivating self love

The Mind: Researchers believe that the subconscious mind influences about 95% of our behaviors. We explore the subconscious mind where we store our beliefs, self identity, and blocks.

This is uncovering the places where you have kept yourself stuck and create new possibility.

In this section we cover:

  • How thoughts create limitations

  • Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones

  • Cultivating an identity that propels growth

The Body: Most people have been counting calories, tracking food, or only using health information to change.

This is ineffective because it only uses the mind, instead of using the true signals of hunger and fullness from the body.

Here, we reconnect with the body and learn how to interpret its signals to decipher true hunger vs cravings and be able to trust it to guide your eating.

In this section we cover:

  • Why you haven't been able to trust your body (hunger / fullness)

  • Reconnecting to your body using the Body - Connection training

  • Learning the language of the body so you can eat without counting, tracking, etc.

The Relationship to Food: Our health is so much more than having knowledge about nutrition. It's the relationship we have with our food. It's not about eating perfect and healthy all the time, but feeling the power of being in choice with your food. This is where we step into confidence with food and create a harmonious relationship to it.

In this section we cover:

  • Why we get food cravings and self sabotage

  • Naturally tame cravings - without needing willpower - with the Conquering Cravings Method™️

  • Moving through emotional eating

  • Mastering the art of mindful eating

The Environment: We believe that, "first you create your environment, then your environment creates you!"

This is a real fun section! This is where you get to create an uplifting environment that supports where you want to go.

We also use proven methods to rewire the brain to take on new habits in our environment.

In this section we cover:

  • Cultivating an environment that supports your growth

  • Training the brain to easily build new habits

The Self / Soul: This is the month that brings the most meaning to your own unique journey. It's not about fitting you into a box of how you "should" eat or live your life. It's about creating a lifestyle that feels harmonious to YOU.

In this section we cover:

  • Discovering a lifestyle that feels fulfilling to you

  • Trusting your body to guide your eating

  • Bringing more joy and infinite possibility into your life!

Life Changing Results

"I've lost 59 pounds and kept it off.

This was literally life changing."


"In the past I was always on a rollercoaster. This winter I came out around 185 pounds - which is the first time in 27 years."


"In the past I was always on a rollercoaster. This winter I came out around 185 pounds - which is the first time in 27 years."


"I had this fear of I don't know if I have the capacity to change. That was a scary place to be."


"I always knew what I was supposed to do but couldn't do it. We shifted it from a place of self love. When it emanates from that it's much more powerful and easier to maintain."


"I always knew what I was supposed to do but couldn't do it. We shifted it from a place of self love. It became so much easier to maintain."


"In order to change anything, you have to reprogram, and I didn't know how to do that. But then BAM. Here comes Mastering Mindfulness to get to that deeper level."


"I feel more in control than I ever have. And that's because I took the time."


"I feel more in control than I ever have. And that's because I took the time."


Fear of failing keeping you stuck? This is a fail proof program. Instead of traditional diet models that create unrealistic diet expectations, we take an inside - out approach to understanding ourselves.

ALL experiences are welcome. We learn from our ups, downs, and all arounds in a safe space. In this unique experience, there is no failure. Only deeper understanding, compassion, and growth - all at your own pace.

Interested in joining a group?

Schedule a call to connect with Gina to find out if it’s right for you. It is so important to us that this program is right for you before signing up. We have an incredible experience in each group, only because every student is in the right place!

If it's not the right time for you, we celebrate that too! The promise to you for the call is to help you get clarity... not a pushy sales pitch. :)

What's the Investment?

The investment for the program ranges from $450 - $5,000 - depending on your level of readiness and the program that is the right fit for you. Please schedule a call to determine which program best fits your needs.

Schedule a Call and Apply Here 👇

Mastering Mindfulness Group Coaching Application

45 Mins

Select Date & Time


Level One

Laying the Foundation

Breaking up with yo-yo dieting

Cultivating inner motivation & drive

Loving yourself to health

How the mind controls our destiny

Getting to know cravings + patterns

Food: eating healthy without a diet

Creating a new relationship to food

Level Two

Going Deeper

Accessing the subconscious to discover what really drives your food choices


Healing emotional eating


Trusting yourself with food

Getting out of survival + sabotage patterns

Nutrients, neurotransmitters, the gut microbiome: balancing them out to tame food cravings

How past experiences, trauma, and trapped emotions control food choices and exploring liberation

Level Three

Mastering Mindfulness

Releasing your blocks for full food freedom

Rewiring the nervous system + mind


Tapping into your body’s wisdom to guide your eating

Building confidence with what food and how much your body needs

Loving your body to health

Discovering the healthy lifestyle that YOU love

Mastering Mindful Eating


To apply, schedule a connection call below.

The most important part of this experience is that everyone who is a part of it is in the right place! There's no pressure to commit to anything on this call. I don't want to convince anyone to be a part of this group if it's not the right fit.

If you schedule a call, please make sure you schedule a time when you can have a quiet, undistracted space so we can really connect.

Thanks! :)


Will I be pressured to give up sugar or my favorite foods?

Nope. We just give you skills and strategies that allow you to feel like you are in choice over those foods. You can eat them or skip them. Our goal is to give you your power back. If you’ve been struggling with binge eating or food addiction, we do not ask or require that you stop your behaviors nor do we go head to head with them. We share our proven methods that often allow cravings to naturally settle on their own - without fighting them. We unconditionally support you, wherever you are on your journey.

What is the cost of the program?

The investment for the program ranges from $450 - $5,000 - depending on your level of readiness and the program you choose to take. Please schedule a call to determine which program best fits your needs.

I have always struggled with dieting, what if I fail again?

We get it. If you’ve been dieting and sabotaging for many years (maybe even most of your life) it can feel really discouraging to sign up for or even invest in something again. This program is not a diet plan or program that you can fail. It is a self-discovery experience. Our students find that from this experience they have more self trust, compassion, and understanding for why their body had always been out of control with food. Many share that this class finally gave them a new hope for possibilities in ways that traditional dieting never did.

If I learn to love myself, does that mean I won’t be motivated to be healthy?

Most people have the fear that if they take a class that teaches them how to love themselves then they won’t end up being motivated to change and get healthy. What we have found is that self shaming keeps people stuck where they are and when they love themselves, they naturally take on healthier habits and treat their bodies better.

Will I lose weight?

You might! We don’t promise any one outcome but many of our students find that when they love their bodies and trust themselves around food, weight loss also tends to follow.

Will I be expected to be healthier or lose weight?

Absolutely not! Our goal here is to empower you to be in choice with your body and your life.

I've always been a health nut but sticking to my own health plan felt like a daily war. With a Master's degree in human nutrition and a brain full of knowledge, I still struggled daily battles with feeling motivated in the morning and self sabotaging at night. I became determined to figure out why we self sabotage...

Through extensive scientific research, I started developing tools and techniques to change the chemistry of my body. Over time, my food cravings tamed and I began to trust my body around food. I was starting to work with my body instead of against it. Today my health feels effortless. I finally don’t have to think about food cravings. I can trust my body and let it guide my eating to make healthy choices, and I'm teaching you how to do it too.


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