Take Charge of Your Health...

with Clarity & Confidence.

I help leaders harness the power of mindfulness and science-based solutions to transform their health.

Why you haven't cracked the code on your health... yet.

As a high-achiever, it can feel frustrating when you have the motivation and drive but haven't been able to master your health.


You know what you should be eating and doing, but you don’t feel in control of your body.


21-day challenges, mainstream diets, and even nutritionists may have helped for short periods of time…


But you always end up back in the same self-sabotaging cycle: diet-> binge-> feelings of shame-> repeat.


You’re so disciplined with work, so why do you have such low self-control when it comes to food?


You’re not alone.


Many leaders spend years pouring their heart and soul into their work… but they can’t seem to find that same success with their number one asset: themselves.


We often blame our lack of willpower. But that’s NOT the real culprit.


The problem is, our busy work brains shift our bodies into a state of chronic stress. Working in this stressed state creates cravings for sugar, processed foods, and excess calories.

This impacts every area of our lives.


We ultimately get hit with low energy, poor focus, slowing metabolism, and a decline in our vitality.


Our creativity and leadership suffers. All too often, this leads to burnout.


It often feels like we don’t have time to prioritize our health. Something “more important” always seems to come up. We worry that our work will suffer unless we put ourselves on the back burner.


But in reality, when we take care of our bodies, we show up more confidently. We have better focus, energy, and creativity. We feel limitless.

Imagine what it would feel like to…

... Wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to show up as your best self. You take on the day with peak energy, focus, and productivity.

... Feel at peace with food and with your body – knowing you can indulge every now and then without guilt or shame.

... Trust yourself – so you can make better food (and business) decisions from a place of empowerment.

... Feel completely confident in yourself and how you show up in the world

... Manage challenges with ease and feel in control even during the most stressful moments.

... Leverage your health and vitality as an asset so you can boost creativity and productivity.

... Know that you’re doing the right thing for your mind and body... without the guesswork.

... Stop worrying about your health – and have the mental space to focus on what matters most.

When you experience your untapped potential, you can exponentially open your capacity to do, create, and give more fully.

Real Health Transformations

"Gina is a life changer. Her coaching moved me from a place of fear and disappointment to a new life of self-trust and love.


From lack of movement to one of great adventure! From small thoughts to big thinking! She guided me every step of the way and never left my side.


She provides support and also excellent education that keeps you motivated.


I’m on a new life journey and you can be too. Take the leap and believe in yourself, with Gina YOU CAN DO IT.

It’s so exciting to feel a shift in your body. This comes from applying the lessons from the Mastering Mindfulness which guides you to shift your thinking.


When you get to this point, your body releases the weight. It’s magical. How fun it has been to put on clothes that were too small and now fit swimmingly! A great reward for me was a splurge on designer knit sweater pants that show all the curves and make me feel GREAT!

A great sense of accomplishment and self-trust washes over you, it’s beautiful."

-Kathleen, CEO/Executive


"I am so thankful for doing this work with Gina. I got so much clarity on how my diet would impact my body. The outcome was fantastic and it was completely worth the investment.

I feel so much more confident knowing what my body needs based on my own labs and not just guessing like I have done for so many years."

- Maximilian Clifford, Financial Advisor

"For once I have clarity and peace of mind. Before this I was shooting in the dark. I wake up feeling great, my skin is less dull, my energy is better, digestive issues are better.... everything is aligned."

- Mallorie Nuttall, Global Sales Director of Guided Meditation Framework

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We believe in leveraging science to know your body and personalize your health. When you know exactly what needs support, you can get results faster.


We believe that above all else, connection with your true self is the most important part of your journey.

We help shed food cravings, limiting beliefs, and patterns that do not align with your authentic self.


We believe in gradually building new habits, that feel expansive, to build a lifestyle you will never want to quit.

Gina Worful, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian - Master of Human Nutrition

In case we haven't met, here's a little backstory on me and the Mastering Mindfulness Institute....

Back in 2011 I became a registered dietitian with a bachelor's degree in dietetics from Eastern Michigan University. While you'd think this would satisfy my craving to learn about health, I was eager for more so I continued on to get my master's degree in human nutrition.

In 2016, I was hired as the dietitian for a world renowned destination spa to work with celebrities, professional athletes, and well-known politicians and leaders. To keep my knowledge and skills up to par, I attended well-respected conferences in functional medicine, which opened my eyes to health far beyond my classical training.

While I loved giving out the best science-backed nutrition plans, many of the clients struggled to implement all of the information.

I left the job to go deep into understanding human behavior and why we sometimes resist or self sabotage diets.

I began creating unique methodologies that finally allowed my clients to get off self sabotaging cycles. They finally learned to listen to and trust their body so they were never being controlled by a diet, but instead fully empowered in their health.

And that's when the Mastering Mindfulness Institute was born.

Mastering Mindfulness is the journey to getting to know your body deeper. Whether it's getting more data with labs or connecting to your mind and body, my philosophy is about guiding you deeper into the relationship with your SELF!

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