My journey into the world of health and nutrition began at a very young age with a deep fascination for the human body and food.

However, as I grew up and delved deeper into this realm, I found myself overwhelmed by all of the information on health and dieting.
I was dying to know, "What's the truth?!"

Determined to make sense of it all, I pursued my education at Eastern Michigan University, earning a degree in dietetics and later a master's degree in human nutrition.

Armed with this knowledge, I had the opportunity to work at the prestigious health spa, Cal-a-Vie, where I had the privilege of coaching celebrities, professional athletes, and high performers on their health journeys.

During my time at Cal-a-Vie, I delved into the world of labs and functional medicine, to uncover even more insights into health. However, as I worked with these individuals seeking transformative changes, I realized that there was more to their struggles than simply having the right information.

I realized that knowledge alone wasn't enough to help people build a deep, transformative relationship with their bodies and their food that they were really craving.


Even though I had a depth of knowledge around nutrition, I, too, struggled in my daily battle with food, and it became my passion to get out of my own way and really create self-trust around food.

From my own personal pain and all of my passion, the Mastering Mindfulness Institute was born, with the intention of helping people understand why diets haven't worked for them to create more confidence on their health journey.

I combined my background in nutrition with mindfulness practices to help people cultivate a deeper connection to their bodies and their health from within.

Since its inception, the Mastering Mindfulness methodologies have gained recognition and have been featured at academic universities and respected conferences such as the International Hearing Society and American Junior League.

Today, my mission continues to touch lives globally, as I teach others the transformative power of mindfulness in cultivating a more harmonious and empowering connection with their food, body, and overall health - from the inside out.

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■Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Eastern Michigan University
■Master of Science in Human Nutrition at Eastern Michigan University

Continuing Education

■ CTTS Certification in trauma and food addiction

■ Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Apex

■American College of Nutrition Conference

■Renewing the Aging Brain, Apex

■Peak Brain Performance, Apex

■Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection, Apex

■The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

■Natural Supplements, Scripps Annual Conference

■Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Annual Conference

■Probiotics, Food, & the Immune System, INR Seminars

■Binge and Emotional Eating Conference, INR Seminars

■Nutrition for Sports, Exercise, and Weight Loss Workshop

■Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Conference

■Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo


■ International Hearing Society Annual Conference, CA

■ Keynote: NYNY Featuring the Best of San Diego, CA

■ Utah Worksite Wellness Conference, UT

■ Michigan Lupus Symposium, MI
■ American Junior League, MN

■ Eastern Michigan University, MI

■ San Diego State University, CA

■ Morgan Stanley Corporation, MI

■ Stardock Corporation, MI


■ESPN 1700 AM Real Talk San Diego

■993 MIA Make It Better - Miami Radio

■Success / Vi Life Magazine

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